Milk Kheer (Payasam)
(Sugar, vermicelli, cardamon, crushed coarsely almonds boiled in milk) J
  All Jain

Sweet plaza

W1 Gulab Jamun (2pcs)

(Deep fried balls of dough made with flour and milk
which are then steeped in sugar syrup) J

W2 Rasgulla (2pcs) (Please check for availability)

(Dessert prepared by fresh curd cheese, semolina & shaped as
white round balls- deeped into sugar syrup) J

W3 Gajar Ka Halwa (Please check for availability)

(Carrot and milk pudding) J

W4 Milk Kheer (Payasam)

(Sugar, rice, cardamom, crushed coarsely dry fruits, boiled in milk) J

W5 Shrikhand (Please check for availability)

(Sweet yogurt flavoured with cardamom or dry fruit or pistachio) J